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Pink Acorn Wellness has been developed by Jenni to bring together key elements that she has always been passionate about to create a wellness lifestyle that everyone can benefit from in their daily life.


Jenni believes it is better to keep well, physically and mentally, rather than having to treat illness.


Jenni offers Reflexology, Reiki and Indian Head Massage treatments from her home treatment room in Finchampstead and matwork Pilates classes in locations in Finchampstead and Hartley Wintney and online.


Why Pink Acorn? The name came from Jenni’s eldest sons love of the colour pink combined with the large oak tree that they used to have in their garden. Jenni likes the symbolism of the little acorn being nurtured to grow into a well rooted, strong oak tree.



I had a stressful HR career for nearly 10 years within a large multi-national company and for part of that time I also had a wedding hair and make-up business along with teaching Pilates. After having my two boys, I was a full time mum to for 4 years before launching Pink Acorn Wellness. I understand what it feels like to be stressed and to need to escape and unwind. I also understand the feeling of loosing my identity through work and motherhood and the need to connect back in with, and rediscover who I am. I have always had an interest and passion for wellness and I am now so excited to be at a place in my life where I can focus on something for which I have such personal passion, and in so doing help other to improve their wellness.


From my late teens I have been training and studying in areas of wellness to fuel my interest. In 2001 I completed my Reiki training, it was something I kept hearing about and was really intrigued by. The principles of Reiki really seemed to encapture everything I believe in. Reiki has been a core part of my daily life ever since. After completing university in 2005 I went on to study counselling for 2 years, learning some incredibly valuable skills and theory about mental health. When I launched Pink Acorn Wellness I added Indian Head Massage to my skill set. I tend to carry tension through my head, neck and shoulders and find Indian Head Massage an amazing way to destress and relieve tension. Most recently I have completed my Reflexology training. I have grown up with Reflexology as my mum has been a Reflexologiest since I was 4 years old. Seeing the incredible results she has had with her clients and the benefit I have seen from experiencing it myself, it felt like a natural skill to add to my offering.


I grew up practicing yoga and regularly attended classes from the age of 16. In 2011 I discovered Pilates and instantly fell in love with it. I have always suffered with lower back ache and have had knee problems since my teens following a skiing injury. I found Pilates significantly helped with both of these and neither has been an issue for me since I started practicing Pilates. I completed my training with Pilates Training Solutions in 2012. I practiced and taught Pilates up until I was 35 weeks pregnant with my first son and only stopped then, as I had bad water retention so was struggling to move! I am sure Pilates has helped me to keep my pelvic floor and core muscles well-toned through two pregnancies and it has helped be to recover from and manage Diastasis rectify (tummy muscle separation) following my pregnancies.


I look forward to supporting you on your wellness journey


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