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During pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum our bodies go through so much. Often we are left with a body that feels very different physically and mentally. Doing Pilates is an excellent way of reconnecting with your body, getting back into exercise and re-toning your core muscles.

Many women find that after childbirth their pelvic floor and abdominal muscles are weaker and in some cases the abdominal muscles stay separated (diastasis recti), this can lead to bladder weakness and back problems along with other issues. Pilates will help re-tone these muscles, helping to prevent issues associated with giving birth. It can also help prepare your body for further pregnancies if you are planning this.

You are welcome to bring little ones along to the sessions until they are able to move around. You will be responsible for their welfare. Please provide a blanket, mat or towel for them to lay/sit on, and toys to keep them entertained. You are welcome to feed and change your little one should they need it during the session. Hopefully you’ll both find it a relaxing and calming session that will help strengthen your body.

Pilates is suitable from 6 weeks after a vaginal birth and 10 weeks after a caesarean, once you have had agreement from your doctor that you up can start exercising. You need not be a new mum to do Postnatal Pilates are welcome to come wherever you are in your postpartum recovery.

Please wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement. Pilates is performed with bare feet or in socks.

I am not currently running any Postnatal classes, however if a group of 6 or more of you would like to do a class together I would be happy to run a class for you.

Postnatal 121 sessions are available, this is great for a personalised recovery programme tailored to your specific needs.

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