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I run Pink Rainbow Retreats with my lovely friend Louise. Pink Rainbow Retreats is a hybrid of our individual businesses, where we lovingly and enthusiastically bring women together by creating space for YOU.


Our passion to support Women stems from the busyness & overwhelm in our own lives, which led us to step away from our previous careers in corporate roles and become the support to Women we wish we had back then!


We understand the demands on modern Women, however they look to us as individuals, the result is often we do not prioritise our own wellbeing, which can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, lack of quality sleep and sometimes burn out.


By creating the events we do, our aim is to bring you home to yourself, to nourish and nurture yourself and to find space and time to BE. Understanding the importance of sharing simple yet super effective tools which you can easily add into your daily wellness rituals.


We are lucky enough to share many similar passions and we hope from those, that you enjoy and feel the benefits from what we create and share with you.

Visit our website to see are currently offerings.

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