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“Kids who practice meditation and mindfulness reap a host of benefits, including but not limited to increased focus, self-control, coping strategies, emotional regulation, and better relationships.”

Andrea Gurney, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Following the quote above Gurney goes on to say, ‘In our fast-paced, multitasking world, it can be incredibly helpful for children to learn to slow down, breathe deeply, clear their minds, and practice mindfulness; arguably, it is becoming more essential for us to teach children how to do this given the rise in children’s anxiety, depression, and stress.’


This was recognised before we threw a global pandemic into the mix. As well as our own worlds, children’s worlds have been turned upside down. If we are struggling to get our head around this crazy world, imagine how they feel. Meditation can give them space to help them process the world and learn strategies to support their mental health.


I have written and recorded 3 guided meditations for children, and am in the process of writing more. They are less than 10 minutes each to help children with developing their meditation skills and to make them easy to put into the daytime or bedtime routine.


They are £2 each for limitless access.


If you would like to purchase a meditation please complete the contact form (link at the bottom of the page).


Here are the details of the meditations currently available.


Magical Land

Children will be transported to a magical land where they will meet some animals with lovely traits introducing them to positive affirmations. The children will realise they possess these same lovely traits as the animals. They will feel empowered and joyful as they realise this. It is a great one to use at the beginning of the day to encourage children to start the day with a positive mindset.


Enchanted Wood

In this meditation the children are transported to an enchanted wood where they discover a stream. The stream washes away their worries and fears. They are invited back to the stream in the enchanted wood whenever they need to. They will feel empowered and comforted by this new skill. This meditation is designed to be used at bedtime to help children to go to sleep.


Magnificent Dragon

This meditation takes children to a magical land to meet a magnificent dragon. Whilst flying through the clouds with the magnificent dragon the children will realise the can release their worries and fears to be taken away by the clouds. They are invited back to take this journey with the dragon whenever they need to. They will feel empowered and comforted by this new skill. This meditation is designed to be used during the daytime.

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