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So often people tell me they are desperate to exercise but they can’t find an hours slot in their diary to attend a class, 15 minutes feels a more manageable amount. 


Each week on a Wednesday morning, I record 3 15 minute Pilates classes in a private Facebook group. You can then access the classes when it suits you. You could do all 3 classes in a week, each class twice in a week, or one class per week, whatever works for you.


This is for you if:

:: You want to increase the amount of exercise you do but don’t have time for full classes.

:: You’d like to do some Pilates in between your usual Pilates classes.

:: You are starting or returning to exercise and an hours class doesn’t feel manageable.

:: You want to tack additional exercise onto existing exercise you do such as running, walking, gym etc.


Does 15 minutes really achieve anything?

:: YES!

:: It is a slightly more intense class with less rest time between exercises than a full class.

:: Although individual exercises target certain muscle groups or joints, the purpose of all Pilates exercises is to engage the core, stabilise the body, and teach the body to move in the correct way, so it’s a very efficient and holistic form of exercise.

:: Exercising for just 15 minutes still releases endorphins, our happy hormones, so we get a great mood booster.

:: Exercising for 15 minutes is better than 0 minutes!


Hop onto my Virtual Pilates page for more details on booking, or click on the ‘Join a Pilates Class’ box.

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